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The Labor Law team at Next Abogados has specialized lawyers with a broad business vision, academic vocation and extensive experience in the Labor and Social Security Inspection. The extensive experience accumulated after years of experience, the high percentage of successful cases, as well as our constant commitment to the renewal of knowledge allows us to obtain a broad and current vision of the market and its peculiarities.

The effectiveness of the solutions proposed for each particular case, as well as the broad commitment and rigor of a team highly specialized in the labor field, allows us to support the labor relations and human resources departments of companies and clients, both national and international, in all areas of labor and social security law:

  • Labor relations, social benefits, social security and social welfare.
  • Drafting and negotiation of employment and senior management contracts.
  • Legal proceedings, both individual and collective, in labor and social security matters before all jurisdictions.
  • Drafting of remuneration systems, pension plans and complementary social security schemes.
  • Cybersecurity and internal digital disconnection policies.
Services in the field of Labor Law

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